MRC/MERC Services

APNRTS 24/7 Helpline is the face of APNRTS. Helpline is available 24/7 365 days. APNRTS Helpline serves the NRT’s across the globe by solving their grievances, advising and giving suggestions as in when required. APNRTS 24/7 Helpline is the single point of contact for any initiative or activity launched by APNRTS.

APNRTS 24/7 Helpline will try to address the issue or grievance of the NRT with the relevant department or the wing and get it resolved at the earliest. Updates about the grievance/s will be shared with the concerned NRT’s in a timely manner.

NRTs call APNRTS Helpline to know any information about the services offered by APNRTS like:


Ambulance Requests

APNRTS provides free ambulances from Airports to home towns/villages for transportation of mortal remains of migrants and to migrants with health issues and who are stretcher bound.

APNRTS receives the ambulance requests through APNRTS coordinators across countries along with supporting documents like Hospital Discharge Summary and Indian Embassy Certificate (in case of patients), Death Certificate, Air Ticket (Cargo Invoice), Passport etc. in case of Mortal Remains. Ambulance requests can be raised by an individual (family member of the deceased) with all the necessary documents. It will be processed following the due procedures

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Ex-Gratia is the financial assistance of Rs. 50,000/- given to the families of migrant workers who die in abroad unfortunately. APNRTS distributes this amount on behalf of the Government of Andhra Pradesh to support the families who lose their sole bread winner who goes to abroad with a dream of earning a little extra and to make their family economically stable.

Documents for claiming Ex-Gratia are Ex-Gratia Application Form, Family Ration Card, Aadhaar Card and Cancelled Passport of the Deceased, Embassy Letters, Death Certificate (Certified by Indian Embassy), Notary duly attested by MRO/Tahsildar, Family Member Certificate, Request letter from the nominee, Nominee Aadhaar Card, Nominee Bank Passbook. Click here for Service Request


MRC Grievances

APNRTS helpline receives various grievances from the distressed NRT migrants or from their family members. After studying the complete case details, action is initiated accordingly. Based on the need of the case, a letter is written to the Indian Embassy of the residing country to know the current situation and help the family member to bring the person back to India.

Some of the grievances received by APNRTS are Victim of Physical / Sexual abuse, Assistance towards Claiming of compensation and other benefits due from employers, register a complaint on illegal agents, assistance towards the transfer of documents in case of death, worker rights violation:  Non receipt of salaries, Recruiting Agent Problems, Sponsor/ Employer problems /Worker rights violation/ Worker contract problems, tracing whereabouts, Human Trafficking, Imprisoned abroad, Held in detention centres, undocumented workers.



Amnesty is the authorization given by the Government (of foreign country) to the illegal migrants residing in the country either to legalize their visa status or leave the country by paying the immigration fines within a timeline. Some countries will ask to leave the country by paying the immigration fines.

During Amnesty, APNRTS with the help of its coordinators assists the illegal migrants from Andhra Pradesh by providing one way air ticket, paying immigration fines, providing transportation from airport to their hometown/village along with food expenses.

APNRTS successfully brought back illegal migrants of Andhra Pradesh during the Amnesty period in Kuwait and United Arab Emirates in 2018. Now, APNRTS is actively involved in bringing back the illegal migrants of Andhra Pradesh from Malaysia who are distressed and are in a dire situation and not having proper funds to come back to home country.



Pre-Departure Orientation and Training is a mandatory program designed by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India for the migrants who travel to abroad for employment. This program is for creating awareness and making the candidates understand about the challenges involved in migrating overseas for work. PDOT aims to educate the candidate on the culture; language, the local laws, weather conditions etc of the destination country which helps them to adjust to the new environment. It will also empower them with requisite knowledge & information, so that they are not exploited in the host country.

It also explains to register with the local Indian Embassy on reaching there. A candidate is made aware of the procedures on how to approach the local Indian Embassy for assistance in a needy situation. All the contact numbers will be shared with the candidates during this program. More information can be found at this link


International Skill Training

MNC’s in Gulf Cooperation Council Countries such as Qatar, UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain are implementing huge projects especially in Oil & Gas, Power and Construction sectors along with the Shut Down works. As a result there is a huge demand for skilled technicians across various countries in Gulf. These job opportunities can be filled by the technicians with required relevant skills with good pay scale as per the International Standards.

APNRT Society has actively taken up the lead and designed training plans for ITI, Diploma holders, 10+2 and Graduates to make them skilled technicians in the trades which are in high demand in Gulf Countries in the APNRTS Skill Development Centres at Guntur and Rajampet. APNRT is pioneering this program to eradicate the poverty level by enhancing the skill sets of unemployed youth to become skilled technicians as per International standards.

This is a residential training and will be based on International Standards which are acceptable in the Gulf Countries and given by the experts from the field. APNRTS has engaged experienced Trainers with Gulf countries work experience for imparting in depth knowledge and training in various trades with training curriculum and standards which suit the demand of the industry in Gulf countries.

The trainees will be issued certificates after the final assessment. APNRTS acts as a facilitator for placements and along with the recruiters will arrange client interviews for Gulf placements. The placement cost includes visa charges, document attestation, Medical checkup and one way Air Ticket. The placement cost will have to be borne by the candidate.

APNRT Society through its Coordinators facilitates Alumni support through implementing post placement facilitation, improve retention and facilitate career progression, long term tracking, Annual events, linking to social security and other schemes etc.

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NRI Grievances Cell

NRI Grievance Cell established in association with the Police Department of Andhra Pradesh caters to the grievances of the NRI’s where Police intervention is required. Types of grievances which may be lodged at NRI Grievance cell include Civil Disputes, Marital Disputes, other issues like visa, immigration, exploitation, money, protection of family members in India, protection of industry/office etc but are not limited to. All the grievances will be resolved following the procedures as per law.

APNRTS launched NRI Grievance Cell to inspire confidence among NRIs/Foreign/Domestic Investors about speedy redressal of their grievances. Also, to create a safe environment for the investments by NRIs /Foreign Investors, which act as a growth engine for the state of Andhra Pradesh.

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Emergency Services


For Distressed Migrant (Patient)

Issuance of Air Tickets to NRT migrant worker who is facing critical health issues and can no longer continue work along with an air ticket to an escort who accompanies the patient to India

  • If the distressed migrant is unable to continue work abroad, the Indian Embassy will make arrangements for their repatriation by providing a one-way air ticket. In few situations, an escort is needed for the migrant. In such circumstances, APNRTS will provide one-way air ticket on request of the Indian Embassy to the escorting person. In rare situations, APNRTS provides air ticket to the distressed migrant where Indian Embassy could not.

Emergency Services

Transportation of Mortal Remains:

Requesting Indian Embassy to complete the formalities and speed up the process to bring the Mortal remains back to India. Indian Embassy provides air cargo ticket to transport the mortal remains from the destination country to India. From the airport, APNRTS arranges free Ambulance to transport the mortal remains to the hometown/village. In very rare situations, request is made to the APNRTS for providing charge for transportation of the Mortal Remains from the residing country to India.


Transition Fund

APNRTS to establish a Transition Fund for supporting livelihood, loans, skilling and training needs of returning migrants. This transition fund will be useful for the returning migrants in order to reintegrate them financially after losing the livelihood in the form of a bank loan (with APNRT Guarantee) for making them self employed or up skilling as per the industry demand with a better job prospect or explore and introduce new trades which are in high demand and initiating trainings for the same or supporting them till the time of employment.


Preferential Recruitment (Jobs –)

APNRTS to conduct technical trade job melas and invite the clients from the Gulf for job interviews in a location as decided by APNRTS. APNRTS shall give preference to the returning migrants with related work experience in the Gulf or to the migrants with upgraded skills in the required trade during these job melas.